Stoneridge Adoption Information and Available Kittens

Please read all of the information on this page before submitting an application. Special Needs of kittens (if any) will be listed in their description. Some of our kittens are bonded and must be adopted together. LOCATION of the kitten may vary (i.e. Adoption Floor vs Foster Home).

Please note that all unapproved applicants are subject to admission fees. We do not do walk in or same day kitten adoptions, you must submit an adoption application to start the adoption process. Thank you!

Available kittens are listed below the adoption information. Click the images to zoom in and view the high resolution images below.

Infographic showing how an adoptable kitten journeys through Mini Cat Town. Contains cute kittens, explanation of foster program, the adoption floor, adoption process, and fees and costs.
Infographic showing the journey of a Mini Cat Town kitten from rescue to adoption.
Infographic showing Mini Cat Town's adoption fees for kittens.
Mini Cat Town adoption fees chart

Available Kittens – Stoneridge Shopping Center