Hello! Welcome to Mini Cat Town’s official website, where we share with you the ins and outs of our kitten rescue.

A little introduction about us:

Mini Cat Town is a non-profit 501c(3) rescue run by sisters Thi, Thoa, and Tram Bui. We are located in San Jose, CA and also partner with the San Jose Animal Care Center as well as The Dancing Cat in San Jose and 9Lives in Redwood City.

We have been rescuing all our lives, starting with kittens in our old neighborhood overrun by strays. As kids, we could only feed the strays and take in/re-home the kittens. As high school students, we got behind the wheel to drive cats to and from the shelter. We got involved in TNR work and TNR’ed the entire colony before graduation. As college students, we started independently fostering small scale. It wasn’t until a sudden boom in social media that we were able to scale up our fostering and take on more kittens in need. Through the generous donations and sponsorship of many people, we were able to officially establish Mini Cat Town in December 2015. Since then, we have been dedicated to rescuing the most at risk population in shelters, neonatal kittens (aged 0-6 weeks). Kittens this young are often ailed with many sicknesses and more often then we would like, they do not make it. We specialize in this age range so we can provide the most advantageous start for such fragile little lives. The journey is the most difficult for these little ones, but we are delighted to see them thrive and finally be adopted into their forever homes.

In addition to rescue work, we also participate in TNR, which stands for trap, neuter, and return of feral cats. This is crucial in maintaining the overpopulation of stray and homeless cats. It also prevents the suffering of millions of kittens born on the streets to young and hungry mothers. A majority of feral born kittens do not live to see their first birthday, and in the process, they are ridden with illness and hunger, susceptible to the elements, and see an untimely death. It is definitely sad, but a very real reality for many cats. TNR work helps to prevent all the above, by controlling cat populations and maintaining a good balance of cats in any one area. Contrary to popular belief, feral cats also provide a great benefit in areas where they live. They control the rodent and pest populations, and keep other cats from encroaching on the area. By fixing the cats, they can do their jobs without the worry of fighting among each other or constantly having kittens.

We encourage everyone to join us in the fight against millions of suffering, unwanted kittens born to unspayed cats each year. Ask your local shelter about TNR programs or volunteer to foster a kitten in need. Can’t foster or TNR? Then donate to a great rescue that does! Looking to adopt? Rescue a kitten! We believe big changes start with small efforts. And our combined efforts today can change the world tomorrow. How can you advocate for a kitten today?

For any inquiries, please email MiniCatTown@gmail.com

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