Available Kittens

Here you can find all our available kittens! We are located in San Jose, CA and adopt out statewide. We are also willing to adopt out of state if the adopter is willing to drive/fly in to bring their kitten home. For their safety, we do NOT ship kittens in cargo.

We highly recommend adopting kittens in pairs, as there are many benefits including: having a playmate for life, teaching each other not to bite/roughhouse too hard, learning to share, and sparing you peace of mind. In the best interest of our kittens, applications for multiples will be preferred over single kitten adoptions. Thank you for your understanding! Our adoption application is linked below, and any questions or concerns may be emailed to MiniCatTown@gmail.com.

Adoption Application


Our Available Kittens:

Our kittens are waiting to hear from you!

Rosie advocates for their adoption… ASAP!!!