2018 started off with our partnership with the San Jose Animal Care Center! Through them, we could now pull rescues and take in more kittens in need! Surprisingly, our first rescue came from another rescue called 9Lives in Redwood City, which lead to another great partnership formation.

Herb Kittens: Isabel came to us with her litter of 6. Sadly, 2 of her litter didn’t survive, but she graciously took in 2 orphans.

Nakia: Around the same time, we pulled Nakia from 9Lives as a rescue along with her sister, who sadly did not make it. Both were so severely malnourished that at 3 weeks old, weighed only a few ounces… Their hair and skin was falling off and they could not even stand. Miraculously, Nakia survived and thrived under our care! She was adopted by a lovely couple in Davis, CA! You can follow her, now named Elle, @elleandlilybelle

Stuart: He came to us from the San Jose Animal Shelter as a single kitten. He had our heart from the very beginning and was quickly adopted by a couple with another cat. Both get along fabulously and are loving life together. Catch more of them @leo_and_cosmo

Spice Kittens: There were 2 different sets of spice kittens. 1 litter (of 4) came with a feral mother from a TNR project. The other litter of four came from the San Jose Animal Shelter at only hours old.

April and her Spices: April was found by a good samaritan who collected her and her babies to drop off to us. She had 4 kittens: Poppy, Caper, Cori, and Chicory. Sadly, Chicory suddenly fell ill and passed before her future family could meet her… But April was adopted with Cori and they will be flying to Boston, MA at the end of July!

Mace: Mace was a rescue from 9Lives. He was born almost two weeks early and was extremely underdeveloped. His chances of survival were VERY low, but he beat all the odds and was adopted into his forever home after nearly 3 months of foster care! He was nursed by April in his early days.

Another Spice Litter: Saffron, Pepper, Caraway, and Thyme were all pulled from the San Jose Animal Shelter as rescues. They were bottle babies and fed round the clock until they were weaned. Luckily they were always in good health and quickly graduated to the kitten room.

Another Herb Litter: Vanilla, Cassia, Miso, and Cocoa were given to us by a man who found them under his porch. They were all suffering from bad URI’s and flea ridden. We cleaned them up, they all made quick recoveries and were all adopted into wonderful homes!


kitten pile

All the above kittens were taken in at a similar time and similar age, so they were all combined (after passing quarantine and testing) into our kitten room! This was our personal record of 32 kittens at once! Can you name them all? 😉


Teavanna Kittens:  The Teavanna Kittens were rescued from the San Jose Animal Shelter at about 3 weeks old. They were named after a Tea theme to compliment Chai and her coffee kittens (below). Crumpet and Biscotti were a brother and sister pair taken in from a feral colony where we were TNRing. They were hissy at first but quickly warmed up! They were named after finger foods for tea.

Chai & the Coffee Kittens: Chai came to us as a pregnant mother from San Francisco. We had the privilege of watching her give birth to 6 beautiful babies. Sadly, one did not make it, but she took on an orphan in his place. We named them after a Coffee theme as suggested by our wonderful vet.

Madeline & the Pastry Kittens: Momma Maddy (short for Madeline) and her 6 kittens from the San Jose Animal Shelter. She has a funny mustache that made her almost french looking. So her babies were named after fancy pastries.

Natural Disaster Kittens: We received 4 very hissy kittens from a friend who found them outside her house. They needed a lot of TLC, but they were tamed and found wonderful homes. Their names coincide with momma Tsunami’s litter (shown below).

Tsunami and Her Disaster Duo: Tsunami came to us from a TNR project as a very friendly feral. She had given birth to her litter outdoors and sadly, a majority of them did not make it. Twister and Hurricane were the only two to survive out of a litter of six. Twister was diagnosed with a rear leg paralysis at a very young age. A specialist suggested physical therapy to help him regain some function, but it is unlikely he’ll regain 100% usage of his back legs. A very kind person offered to build him a wheel chair, and he has been doing great ever since!

The Flower Kittens: The flower kittens came to us from the San Jose Animal Care Center at about 2.5 weeks old. They were all young and sickly. Sadly we lost Daisy (Grey kitten) after she started rapidly losing weight before suddenly passing. It was very heart breaking, but she is survived by her siblings who have all since been adopted into wonderful homes.

The Nutty Kittens: The nutty kittens came from us as a litter of 4 at about 2.5 weeks old. They were fed round the clock with KMR. Poor Macadamia (Orange Tabby) was extremely sick, had constant diarrhea, and was not gaining weight. But by switching up his medications and finally finding one that works, he was quickly on the mend. All 4 have been adopted into wonderful homes, just in time for the holidays!


The Christmas Kittens: The Christmas kittens came to us around the same time and age as the Nutty Kittens (pictured above). Frosty (orange M) in particular had a 3/6 heart murmur that required a cardiologist appointment. Luckily, the long wait was worth it, because he was cleared for adoption with his brother Jack! Cinder was adopted into a loving home in Southern California.