2017 was a slight scale back as one of us had gone off (and now graduated from) UCDavis! We started our season with a brother and sister duo named Harry and Hermione (of course from our favorite characters of Harry Potter).

Box Of Chocolate Kittens: This litter of five adorable kittens was rescued from a boat storage unit. All the kittens were adopted into loving homes!


Single Kittens:


The Nutty Pair: Cashew and Pecan (now named Peanut) were found in our very own neighborhood by a very caring woman. They were severely flea infested, but once treated for that, they thrived! They went to their home together in Sacramento! You can follow them @thenuttypair!


Ice Cream Shop Kittens: These 5 kittens were taken in with their mother who was semi-feral. The kittens were adopted out and the mother was returned to her finder, who ended up adopting her as a farm cat!